Zomato Business Model – Ways Through Which Zomato Makes Money!

Today there’s hardly anyone in India, who claims to be the biggest food lover and doesn’t know about zomato food ordering app. You will be surprised to know How Zomato earns huge profits only after listing several restaurants in its mobile app and online portal. Right now zomato is one of the biggest online food ordering portals trusted by several diners in India and operating smoothly in 22 other countries in the world.

Zomato’s online ordering and table reservation system which is one of the varied sources of income continuously adding more and more profits in Zomato revenue. Also with the help of customer reviews, zomato helps every user to maximize their dining fun. People worldwide prefer zomato and search for best dining places to eat over 90 million times every month which simply explains how does zomato earn money from restaurants and several advertisements, only for its reputation and goodwill amongst worldwide users.