Colleague or Coworker or Peer – Get to Know the Difference Between Them

We often get confused among the terms we frequently use like colleague vs co-worker vs peer. Although, the meaning of all these terms is very close to each other and to make out the difference between co-worker or colleague or peer is sometimes messy. It is a common instance that when we wanna introduce our office mate with friends or family, we generally use any of these terms immediately without actually knowing well its meaning, we mean without realizing the difference between these terms.

In this article, we would clear your confusion about what is the difference exist amongst colleague vs co-worker vs peer. Therefore, let’s see what is the difference between these three terms that are often used and they are as follows:

# Difference Between Colleague and Co-Worker

Colleague: If you say someone a colleague then it means it’s a person with whom your working relationship is been shared. It can also be called as a fellow member of the profession or staff etc.

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Co-worker: If you say someone a co-worker, means it is a person who actually happens to work for the same boss or employer and you don’t share any other connection with that person.

Let’s see an example to clearly understand the difference between colleague vs co-worker:

For example: You (A) is working in a press as an article writer. After your article is over, you forward your work to the proof reader (B). You both (A and B) are employed by your owner (Z). There is another employee in the office(C) who works in the different department with whom you don’t share your work.

Hence, A and B are colleagues because they share the relating work irrespective of the employer. A and C are co-workers because they belong to the same office as they are employed by the same owner but do not share relating work. Hence, the difference between co-worker and colleague also when to use a co-worker or colleague must be clear now.

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# Difference Between Peer and Colleague

Colleague: As described above, it’s someone in your office or organization with which you share related work.

Peer: A peer is someone who shares the same profile or is in the same position as yours in the organizational chart.

We relate with the previous example the difference between peer and colleague so that it would be easy for you to understand well.

For Example: You (A) is working in a press as an article writer. There is another person (D), who is also working on the same profile or same position as of article writer like you then A and D are a peer. In this case, B will be called as a colleague for both A and D.

From the example above it must be now clear what is the difference between peer and colleague also would be using the correct term for your office mate in future.

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Wrap Up…

We think it was a need to bring into light the exact meaning and difference between such relevant terms so that you could use them well. Is your boss a colleague? No, your boss is never your colleague as it does not share the relevant work you do. It happened many times that these sort of basic differentiation are been asked by the interviewer to check our knowledge of the basics but because we consider all these terms same and never think to know the exact meaning of the terms and therefore sometimes these small things could be a reason for your failure in the interview though you are master of your skill.

We’ll try to convey you some more such differentiation which people are often confused about and use them inappropriately. Coming back to the difference that exists among colleague vs co-worker vs peer; you must now be clear with the difference among the above three mentioned and its appropriate usage. Check more articles here.