Fastest Trains in the World – Know Everything About Them!

If you want to roam the world today, then you can simply travel by road, rail, air or sea which is the four means of travelling available today for us. From which people mostly like to travel by trains and for that there are some high-speed trains around the world which takes only a few hours to complete even the longest distance.

China comes first when it comes to fastest train in the world and its speed is 267 mph/431 kmph, we already have the best high-speed trains in the world but still many countries like Japan is already busy in testing the supreme version of its popular fastest high-speed rail in the world and might break all the records of speed by 2020 as far as fastest trains in the world are concerned.

Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World 2018

If you’re travelling by trains in Europe than you can reach faster towards your destination as compared to airplanes, there are many more traditional and bullet trains already running in the world, about whom you can simply read in the list of Top 10 fastest train in the world which is as mentioned below.

  • Shanghai Maglev – 267 mph – China

One of the most expensive trains to travel, China’s Shanghai Maglev is right now the fastest train in the world and its speed is 267 Mph which is the highest in the world.

Shanghai Maglev mainly runs from long yang metro station to Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport which is nearly 19 miles. It takes only 7 minutes to complete its whole journey and it can reach 0 mph to its top speed which is 267 mph in just 4 minutes.

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  • Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF – 249 mph – China

China also comes first when we talk about the fastest non-magnetic trains in the world, Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF is yet another fastest high-speed trains in the world.

With a total capacity of 556 passengers both the trains takes just under five hours to reach Shanghai Hongqiao station from Beijing South station, Fuxing hao is ahead of china’s another fastest train that is Harmony CRH380A which has the fastest speed of 236 mph and already serving the passengers from 2010.

  • Harmony CRH 380A – 236 mph – China

Just after Fuxing Hao comes Harmony CRH380A of China in the list of fastest high-speed rails in the world, it operates mainly between Shanghai-Nanjing route and manufactured by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock company.

Although Harmony CRH 380A can achieve the highest speed of 236.12 mph during its everyday run, but during performance tests harmony CRH 380A had already touched the highest speed of 258.58 mph.

  • Shinkansen H5 and E5 – 224 mph – Japan

After China, here comes Japan in the list of high-speed trains around the world, many years before in 1964 this high-speed train was launched to run between Tokyo and Osaka, probably the two largest cities in Japan.

The trains had cut short the travelling from 7 hours to mere 4 hours that saved almost 3 hours for passengers; these trains are the fastest commercial trains offering its services in Japan.

  • AGV Italo – 223.6 mph – Italy

AGV Italo is on the fifth spot in the list of Top ten fastest trains in the world and first in fastest running train in Europe, manufactured by a French company Alstom the maximum speed of this high-speed train is 223.6 mph.

The Italian company Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) had purchased 25 AVG trains from Alstom on the agreed price of € 650 million, started in April in 2007 AGV Italo runs between Rome and Naples and completes the whole journey, which is 140 miles in just an hour.

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  • Siemens Velaro AVS 103 – 217.4 mph – Spain

Developed by German engineering company Siemens, Velaro AVS 103 runs on the maximum speed of 217.4 mph from Barcelona to Madrid and accomplishes the journey in only 2 hours 30 minutes.

These trains were purchased by Spanish railways in the year 2001 but started its services in June 2007, with a total capacity of 404 passengers, there are total number of 8 carts in these trains.

  • Haramain Western Railway – 217 mph – Saudi Arabia

Completing the total distance of 281 miles in just two and half hours, Haramain is on the seventh spot in best high-speed trains in the world, connecting the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Started in December 2017 the main purpose behind the operation of these trains if to reduce traffic congestions during Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, as per the records Haramain carries three million passengers every year and runs on the maximum speed of 217 mph.

  • DeutscheBahn ICE – 205 mph – Germany

If you just want to enjoy the beautiful scenic ride then don’t forget to travel in this High-speed train in the world whenever you visit Germany which runs between the beautiful cities of Berlin and Munich.

Just like Spain’s Velaro trains, DeutscheBahn ICE is yet another example of Siemen’s workmanship and the design is an asset for DeutscheBahn long-term plans.

  • Korail KTX – 205 mph – South Korea

However Korail was launched long before in the year 2004, but will be able to get the satisfactory place in the list of Top 10 fastest trains in the world, Korail mainly serves the passengers from Incheon International Airport in the west to the coastal town of Gangneung in the east.

It minimizes the travel time from six hours to two hours as compared to travelling from other conventional trains.

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  • Eurostar e320 and TGV: 200 mph – France

Next in the list of fastest trains in the world comes Eurostar e320 and TGV as both the trains run on the maximum speed of 200 mph, just after the new model of Eurostar e320 series it increases its speed to 20 kmph more than the older model of Eurostar that is e300 series.

These trains are capable of reducing 15 minutes more from the journey of two hours between Brussels, Paris, London and Amsterdam. With a starting fair of $70 one way anyone can travel freely between these cities and there’s no need to take flight if you’re travelling between these cities.


Due to rising technology today, especially the speed of trains and comfort level increased tremendously. Today no one can deny the increasing efficiency of high speed trains in modern world, from the most convenient & fastest train in the world which is conventional or fastest bullet train in the world you can simply compare and find out that trains are not less than airplanes in any case, whether it is about reducing the travelling time, fast speed, best comfort or better convenience.

Despite all these facilities, the cost of traveling in trains is less than airplanes, so it is much better to enjoy your ride in some of the best high-speed trains in the world which will make your journey fun and memorable. Check more blogs here.