Animal Mailbox

Quack Quack

This one quacked me up. Seen in Middle River, MD.  Submitted by: Ruth S. from Timonium, MD

Animal Mailbox

I tawt I taw a mechanical elephant…

Orca, the Killer Mailbox

Have a Beary Merry Christmas

Rejoice Parrotheads

Here’s the mailbox for those of you who love a Cheeseburger in Paradise…

I missed the Easter bunny.

I was away for spring break and didn’t find the Mr. Witles’ Easter bunny mailbox buried in my Inbox until just now :(

Polar Bear Express

A fun mailbox from Mr. Witles’.  I have no idea where the mail goes!  I’m sure the mail delivery person is used to the unusual and will find it.

Also for you Spongebob fans, some yard art:






Oh the Wonderful Thing about Tiggers…

The latest grrrrrreatest mailbox from Mr. Witles’


From Tod M.

We vacation in Door County Wisconsin Every year, and every year we see this mail box in Egg Harbor, WI.   It’s for Dovetail Gallery on Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor.  When this picture was taken last August it had looked like it was just refurbished, as the paint was so bright.

Any mailbox that gives me a reason to use a pun is “thumbs up” in my book! Seriously though, this has to be a one-of-a kind mailbox. Great find!

Dinos and Dragons

Finally!  A new addition to the Witle’s mailbox collection.  I love dragons…