Animal Mailbox

Bear Mailbox in Big Bear

This mailbox sent in by Diane from Big Bear,  is sporting a little bear and light that is powered by a solar panel.

Bear Mailbox

The Donkey and the Telephone Pole

Jon from sent in these great mailbox pictures taken in upstate New York.

Thank you!

donkey mailbox

Japanese Stork Mailbox

When I don’t have the time to drive around and stalk mailboxes personally, I resort to the good old Google image search.

Here’s one I haven’t seen before (and I really was beginning to think I had seen them all) from a newsletter for the travel site

Japanese Stork Mailbox

Mooooove over 2007

Cow Mailbox

Ok I’m back! After a week in Maryland and battling three weeks of flu, colds and stomach virus.

Hope everyone had a better holiday and New Year’s than I did.

Leo the Lion Mailbox

Lion Mailbox

The Stuffed Animal Christmas Tree Mailbox

Ed Witles sent pictures of his father’s latest mailbox.

I wonder what the mailman thinks of this one and how long it took him to find where to put the mail? (I think the door is behind the blue bear.)

Stuffed Animal Mailbox

Stuffed Animal Mailbox

Stuffed Animal Mailbox

Stuffed Animal Mailbox

Thanks for sharing this with us, definitely one of the most original I’ve seen.

Which College Mascot is This?

This mailbox is around the corner from me and I’ve never noticed it before because it’s not really their mailbox. They have it sitting near the front door, as if the are expecting a delivery.

Anyhow, I have no idea what school this is a mascot for? There’s an M on it. Minnesota Fighting Storks?

stork mailbox

Dalmation Mailbox

This Dalmation Mailbox is in front of Huffard Animal Hospital in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Dalmation Mailbox

Thanks Gremmy.

Swordfish Mailbox

These concrete cast mailboxes are quite common in my area. The swordfish and dolphin are more common, but I’ve seen others, the snake probably the oddest.  (I couldn’t get a picture of that one though.  The whole family was out in the driveway and I didn’t feel like explaining what I was doing there.)

In general, I don’t find them ugly when they are left unpainted or painted in a single color. It’s when people try to “dress them up” like this that it crosses the line into tackiness. In my opinion, of course 😉

swordfish mailbox

Huge Giraffe Mailbox

Jon P from The Confluence submitted this crazy mailbox. It belongs to someone in upstate New York. I even have the Google Map link to the exact address from Jon, so if I’m ever in the area I can check it out myself.

I wonder what the reasoning behind such a mailbox would be? Are they zoo keepers?

Giraffe Mailbox

Giraffe Mailbox

Giraffe Mailbox

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