Ugly Mailbox

Mailbox Merry-Go-Round

Ugly Mailbox

“Spin the wheel of ugly mailboxes! Seen along highway 21 near Idaho City in Idaho.” ~Peter F.

Messy Mosaic Mailbox

I am giving the creator of this disaster too much credit by calling it a mosaic.

Because diggin’ a hole is hard to do…

Yup that’s black duct tape.

Willow Support Me?

While house-hunting in Syracuse, Jon P. and his fiancee found this sad mailbox.

Another Great Mailbox Photo from There I Fixed It!

Bad Baby Ent!  Mailboxes Aren’t Food

There, I Fixed It

I just love There I Fixed It and I never thought to look for mailboxes on it.

So thanks to Costas Schuler of  Art Car Central:, The Pen Guy: and Envisionary Design: for pointing out some of the funny mailboxes there.

This was my favorite:

There, I Fixed It Mailboxes

I don’t get it…

Spotted this one in central Florida on the way home from the Buffett concert in Tampa.

I feel like there’s some sort of inside joke I’m missing because I can’t quite figure out what an oven and a dump truck have to do with one another.

Mailbox Fail

This is currently on page 2 of failblog and I think it deserves our vote

Here’s a past “winner”:

The Ugliest Mailbox in America?

Lani Diane Rich’s Ugly Mailbox



I’m not sure if it’s the ugliest in America, because I’ve seen my fair share, but Lani Diane Rich wants to toss her hat into the competition.  You didn’t know there was a contest did  you?

For all of us that have wondered, “What were they thinking?” you can read the story behind this one on her blog.  While you’re there stick around and read more of her entries,  she’s a great writer with a wonderful sense of humor.

And, you know… yeah. It’s really, really ugly. But the plow guys will SEE IT. And right now, that’s really all I care about. So… yay me!

I also like that she has two first names. It reminds me of the “Two First Names” SNL skit with Neil Patrick Harris that aired on the 10th. I can’t find a clip of it anywhere but it’s about a celebrity talk show for stars with, you guessed it, two first names. Neil Patrick Harris is the host and the “band” includes Jamie Lynn Spears and David Lee Roth. His guests are Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Clark Duncan, Billy Bob Thornton, Tommy Lee Jones, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Daniel “Dave” Lewis. When Daniel corrects Harris and tell him it’s “Day-Lewis”, Harris tells him to “get the hell out of there with your one first name only.” Good stuff.

They Must Be Stoned…

Bob, who brought us the Clothesline Mailbox has found another gem to share with us from a recent drive through Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, NY.

Thanks Bob and Happy New Year to you.