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I Found Nemo!

Let’s see if I can punish you.

People with fish mailboxes need to get a reel life. They have these ugly mailboxes for sailfish reasons.

(if you can think of anymore, drop me a line!)

Cock a Doodle Doo

Netted Another Fish Mailbox

These fishermen get caught up in their sport. Really, they must be hooked.

Go Gators!

I’m assuming the owners are very enthusiastic University of Florida alumni. Even if I were the first female football player at UF and I had won the Heisman Trophy, I still wouldn’t have that gator as my mailbox.

Now someone explain the dragon in the front yard.

Sunday Delivery

A mailbox shouldn’t hold fish, but a pelican.






Thanks Cynric!

Taste Like Chicken

“Ok Bob, roll a 20 sided die to deliver the mail, you’ll need at least 12”

“Ya ok, but, I get plus 2 on the roll due to my Mailman skill”

“Sure dude, go ahead and roll”
“Oh ouch, a 2”
“Make a save versus ChickenDragonThing Breath”
“Ha a 10, sorry you fail at delivering the mail today”

This crazy arse thing is another one submitted by Cynric :) Thanks

Holy mackeral!

I’m hooked on fish puns. So it makes me super grouper happy that Tim R. sent me this picture taken in Ketchikan, Alaska. It’s reel tacky.

But, if your sole reason for living is fishing, if it’s your true porpoise in life, then you gotta catch yourself one of these.

Briefkästen von unten darunter

Patrick, from Germany sent me these pictures from Australia along with a note:

Hey Linda,
I just stumbled across your site and some pictures i took on a journey along Australias south coast immediately popped into my mind. I can’t remember where exactly it was but it must have been somewhat north of a city called “Eden” next to the highway. I drove past that pile of mailboxes in the first place, but when I realized this would be a nice thing to have a picture of, I did a U-turn 😉 I was in middle of the countryside at a shared driveway that supposedly belonged to a farmers neighbourhood. I especially like the one that they made using an old microwave :) Hope you have a use for those pictures!
Greetings from Germany,


This could be like one of those “Hidden Pictures” challenges. See if you can find the rooster, cooler, filing cabinet, microwave or oil drum in this picture!

Aha! I found the microwave.


Patrick shared his blog with me as well. However, it’s completely in German. Sadly I filled my language reqs with Spanish. The only German I know is “Du. Du hast. Du hast mich. Du has mich gefragt” But hey, it looks like you had a great time and more importantly you took pictures of mailboxes for me while you were there!


Katie from Ottawa, Canada.

“… this pretty little moo-cow lives and collects mail in St. Albert, Ontario. He lives down the road from the very popular St. Albert Cheese Factory. ( We were
on our way to visit the Cheese Curd festival when we happened upon him and had to take a picture!”

Cheese Curd Festival huh? I gotta check this out … Giants playing bingo and bingo for children! Who needs adoption agencies? “B-19”, “BINGO!!! I want the red-headed little girl”Back to the mailbox, thanks Katie for sending this pic in, it’s definitely a fun one :)

Here’s another moo moo from Sam M. in Michigan:
It’s a little disturbing because it’s been decapitated! That would make mailbox baseball really interesting, if you had heads to bunt around, eh?

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