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Thanks Cynric!

Crappy Concrete Cast in Key West

Thanks, Kellan K for the picture and today’s title, because it’s absolutely the best way to describe this.

I’m not a big fan of large concrete animal mailboxes in general. However, in the right setting and if they’re well made and maintained, it doesn’t make me cringe… much.

This one is in the right place, it’s just all wrong.

What’s this Halibut?

Oh my cod! I’ll try not to carp on this, but I can’t kelp it.

I’ve haddock up to here with these homemade spray-painted, plywood mailboxes, it just pollacks finesse.

I sea your dilemma, a mailbox just isn’t an attractive thing. But I’m urchin you, no matter what your neighbor does, just let it be what it is, you know what I marine?

Save the Manatees!

No wonder these gentle sea cows are endagered species. The illegal traffic in them feed America’s lucrative black market for postal receptacles. Somebody notify Greenpeace.

(thanks to Hannah for the “i haz a mailbox” caption idea. I wish I would have thought of that! )

In case, it wasn’t painfully obvious by the 4 foot tall manatee curbside, these people really like manatees:

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