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Awesome T-Rex Mailbox

Submitted anonoymously “Made from the hotwheels t-wrecks track. I would have added the “rawr” sound thingy to it but this house is a rental and we will be moving soon.”

Personally I’d take that thing with me, it’s cool!

trex mailbox

Fire in the Hole

If mailboxes served lunch

Hot Dog Mailbox


What did the Zen Buddhist say to the hot dog man?

Make me one with everything…

Sea Turtle Mailbox

Found this big guy in Melbourne, Florida

Dragon Slayer

Thanks to the The Pen Guy for sending in this really cool dragon mailbox picture!

Orca, the Killer Mailbox

Have a Beary Merry Christmas

Cowbears and Indians

Premium Unleaded Mail

Lots of love and thanks to my cuz Mike for finding this one.

Not Katy Perry’s Mailbox

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