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Lincon Log Mailbox

Nope, the house isn’t a log cabin…

Lincoln Log Mailbox


Since I got a couple e-mails in response to my post on the Blog Mastermind program, asking me about the quality of the information learned, I’ve added a sample video case study on how to generate more traffic for your blog, on the articles page, to give you an idea of the type of content you would receive.  There’s only three days left to join.

Have a fun-filled holiday shopping weekend!

Bikini Bottom Mailbox?

Dolphin and Squirrels


For those of you that don’t get the reference, Bikini Bottom is where Spongebob Squarepants lives. He lives there with his friends Patrick the starfish and Sandy Cheeks the squirrel. Yes a squirrel. She lives in a glass bio-dome under the sea. Among the other sea creatures, like dolphins.

Ok, when you have to explain yourself this much, it loses some of it’s effectiveness huh?

Woof! (darn it there’s no one line dog ascii art)

Aw man I’m really in a hurry… best dog puns for this mailbox wins 5 bucks. I’ll Pay Pal it to you.

See you Saturday.  I’m going to go drink Mojitos and see how much Spanish I remember from High School.

Sunday Delivery

A mailbox shouldn’t hold fish, but a pelican.






Thanks Cynric!

Sir, rebel ships are coming into our sector.

Craig S. Made this X-Wing Fighter mailbox 2 years ago out of wood with PVC pipe engine, gun and cockpit details . It’s 5 feet long with a 5 foot wingspan!I was afraid to post it lest a certain Star War’s fan get any ideas. I think the X Wing is pretty darn cool, but I’m not sure I want a Millenium Falcon mailbox in front of my house 😉

Flower Power

9 for originality.

7 for craftsmanship.

10 for tackiness.

Are you flocking kidding me?

Alternate headlines:

Another mailbox that ruffled my feathers.

This one’s for the birds.

Bird-brained idea for a mailbox.

And here’s a joke, because I can’t come up with anything else!

The Foo Bird

“A man went to Africa to do some game hunting.
While there, he hired a young native to accompany him as his guide.
Soon, a large flock of birds flew overhead and the hunter took aim.

The guide grabbed his arm and said “Oh,no! These are foo birds and to shoot one means terrible things will happen to you! The man figured that was only a superstition of the natives and shot one down. Then the rest of the flock returned and pooped all over him.

He hollered at the boy, “I must have some water right away to wash this mess off. The boy said “Oh no! To wash the crap of the foo bird off means sudden death immediately! Again the hunter ignored his advice, found water and got cleaned off.

Sure enough he dropped dead then and there.
The moral of this story is “If the foo shits, wear it.””

What’s this Halibut?

Oh my cod! I’ll try not to carp on this, but I can’t kelp it.

I’ve haddock up to here with these homemade spray-painted, plywood mailboxes, it just pollacks finesse.

I sea your dilemma, a mailbox just isn’t an attractive thing. But I’m urchin you, no matter what your neighbor does, just let it be what it is, you know what I marine?

I just don’t like Brett Favre…

and Green Bay sucks. By default, this mailbox sucks.

My suggestion would be that you paint the post orange. Then paint the helmet black. Place a white circle, with a grey border in the center. Then place a yellow diamond within that circle at noon, a red diamond at 3 o’clock and a blue diamond at 6 o’clock.

When done it should look something like this.

If I’m being honest, this is actually as tastefully done as one can get when doing a football helmet mailbox. I’ve seen much worse.

Hey like this one:

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